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Our Veterinarian

Dr. Zraibi is committed to providing excellence in veterinary care, and stands out as a leading veterinarian in Woodbridge. The doctor uses the latest in veterinary techniques to provide your pets with exceptional care. Read more about our veterinarian in Woodbridge, VA below.

Dr. Bader Zraibi, DVM

Dr. “Z” is a graduate of a Veterinary school in Spain. He has practiced as a veterinarian in the US since 2008, adopting many pets along the way. His “fur” family consists of Buddy–a chihuahua mix taken in when his previous owners could no longer keep him, Cody–a chihuahua mix rescued from a Kansas shelter, Daisy–a Jack Russell originally from Russia, the “clinic cat” Lily, and Rio–an African gray parrot!

His 2 young kids, a collection of pets, and new clinic keep him very busy but in his free time, he enjoys studying astronomy and physics.