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Testimonials About Our Woodbridge Vet

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"Amazing service!! Dr.Z and staff are awesome. I have received follow calls from Dr.Z on reference to my dog Ms. Lucky. Checking up on her and answering all our questions are great. Thank you Dr. Z!"

- Jacqueline G., 5 Star Google Review -

"Recently switched to this vet due to old vet clinic being overwhelmed by too many clients. When I called here someone picked up right away and never put me on hold. The front desk lady was very friendly and informative. They were able to get me an appointment a week before my old vet could. The vet himself was very friendly and prompt about care for my corgi. He listened to my concerns and offered a clear affordable treatment plan."

- Ashley C., 5 Star Google Review -

"I came to Pets R Family Animal Hospital for my dog Chiquita and Doctor Z was very kind, guiding me through the options to help her get better. They make their services very affordable too. My first choice vet, every time."

- Mauricio, 5 Star Google Review -

"Dr. Z and his staff are AMAZING! He genuinely cares about animals and is extremely knowledgeable. His staff are sweet and great with the animals too. He doesn't charge outrageous rates like most vets do either. I had my cat neutered and he had a slight complication post surgery. Dr. Z was concerned that their might be internal bleeding due to his breed having hemopheliac tendencies (Maine Coon) and recommended keeping him overnight as a precaution. I completely agreeded, but i was worried I wouldn't be able to make it back the next night before they closed because i worked late and lived over an hour away. Not only did Dr. Z and his assistant stay almost 2 hrs after they closed to accommodate me, BUT they also did NOT charge me for keeping him overnight. I've owned multiple animals in my lifetime and have never come across such an amazing establishment!! I just wish I lived closer so I could use them all the time. Everyone should go here if you want a great vet for your pet!!"

- Michelle G. -

"Dr. Z and his staff are amazing. I always take Milo, my young puppy here for all his regular veterinarian visits or emergency visits. The atmosphere is wonderful, very clean clinic, short wait time and excellent customer service. I highly recommend Dr. Z for your pet care."

- Mahwish B. -

"Dr. Z and his staff are amazing. I always take Milo, my young puppy here for all his regular veterinarian visits or emergency visits. The atmosphere is wonderful, very clean clinic, short wait time and excellent customer service. I highly recommend Dr. Z for your pet care."

- Mahwish -

"Very good doctor. Love this place. A neighbor recommended him. They’re doing it right."

- Tommy Z. -

"Our experience with Dr. Zraibi and staff at Pets R Family has been fantastic. Dr. Zraibi is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. His level of commitment is unlike any other veterinary service. We would highly recommend Pets R Family."

- Will M. -

"Good doctor for dogs. Reasonable and very knowledgeable."

- Anonymous -

"Dr. Z and his staff are absolutely amazing. I highly recommend taking your pets there, I know that in the future we will be!"

- Karen B. -

"Everyone is very kind and patient."

- Cecilia -

"Clean, professional"

- German C. -

"Excellent team of professionals. Dr. Z is a wonderful caring Dr. I recommend this place to anyone who cares deeply for their pets."

- Theresa C. -

"Used to go to Ccrossroads Animal Hospital down the street, but prefer Dr. Zraibi and his team in every way. Everyone here is caring and attentive. Highly recommended."

- Fiat R. -

"Dr. Z and his staff are great. You can tell he is in it for the love of animals and not money. He is great with pricing and will work with you and make your experience with him amazing. I highly recommend taking your pets here, they make you feel like family! I met him through Petco’s service “vetco” where he did shots. He was always knowledgeable and got through patients fast, i was very impressed i decided to make him our primary vet."

- Ariana S. -

"Very accommodating and friendly staff."

- Michelle G. -

"Great veterinarian and staff."

- Michelle E. -

"Dr. Z and staff were really nice and comforting when it came to my dog Prince's surgery. Really nice and clean office. Definitely my vet of choice."

- Renee S. -

"The doctor and staff were very kind patient and informative. We will definitely be coming back!"

- Mason S. -

"Dr. Z and his staff are amazing. We recently went through a tough time with our pup being diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Z and his team were so responsive and helpful during a very difficult time. Ultimately, we had to say goodbye to our beloved pet Cubby. This was a heartbreaking decision to make but Pets R Family made me confident that we tried everything to help make him comfortable and knew when it was time to prevent him from continuing to suffer. I have seen vets in 4 different states with my buddy and this was the first time I truly felt that they cared about my pup as much as I do. I would recommend Pets R Family to anyone looking for a vet in the Woodbridge area."

- Nicole T. -

"Amazing and knowledgeable doctor and staff. The office is clean and inviting. They answered all of my questions and were great with our dog. I would recommend Pets R Family to anyone looking for a veterinary home."

- Candace -

"I'm so glad I found this place they are wonderful! Excellent care to my kitties."

- Ralph L. -

"We needed a same day appointment and the office went out of their way to accommodate us. There was virtually no wait, and Dr. Z was wonderful and kind to both me and my fur babies. I would (and plan to) recommend this clinic to everyone I know."

- Nat P. -

"We've been there with 2 separate dogs now and absolutely love the dr. Would def recommend."

- Marci B. -

"My goodness words can't describe. My dog Turk was sick and Dr. Z came in on Sunday with his family( on his day off) to give him fluids. Unfortunately, he passed away the next day but the compassion shared will never be forgotten. Truly care about the pets he cares for. Thank you Dr. Z!

- Gary H. -

"The doctor and staff are very friendly. They provided great information and even followed-up to check if my dog was feeling better. Definitely, recommend them for your pets."

- Mahwish B. -

"Great customer service and the facility is sparkling clean! The vet was very responsive to my questions and concerns about dental cleaning for my doggo. It's not that often that you'll leave a vet office feeling like you weren't ripped off! Highly recommend a visit."

- Crystal L. -

"Went to Dr Z for the first time to get my dog’s teeth cleaned. I immediately felt at home due to the professional, yet friendly and accommodating staff. Dr. Z gave personalized service and was very informative. I will be going to him from now on as our regular vet. Highly recommend."

- Suzanne G. -

"First of all my dog's appointment was about 2 weeks ago and Dr. Z. just called me to check on him and see how he's doing! Let that sink in a moment. Now for my story... Gordy went in for his very first dental cleaning and we were both a bit nervous, but Dr. Z. and Chelsea took such great care of my big guy!!! Chelsea provided me with pics and updates throughout the day. Once I got him home, Gordy had some trouble with the anesthesia because of his sensitive stomach and would not stop vomiting. When I called Dr. Z he gave me advice and his nighttime number. I called very early the next morning. Dr Z. told me to bring him to the clinic at 8 that morning for hydration and an anti nausea shot. Dr. Z. and Chelsea had my big guy up and feeling great in no time and I picked him up later that day. This is the best care Gordy has ever received and we'll definitely be back! Thank you Dr. Z. and Chelsea."

- Ronda H. -

"Great place to bring your pets. Great staff and the doctor is very kind and professional."

- Paul G. -

"Thank you Dr. Zraibi and Sophie for the loving and wonderful care that was provided to Crystal. I can say that I finally found the one veterinarian clinic where I feel I can share all my concerns and ask all the questions. This will be the clinic we will visit from now on. I can't wait to bring my other pup so that she can meet Dr. Z and Sophie. Thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart!"

- Gise G. -

"We are first-time dog owners. The staff at Pets R Family are very helpful in advising us on how to take care of our dog. He has gotten all his shots from here and was neutered here as well. I loved how throughout the day of surgery, they sent us picture and text updates on the status of our dog. Would definitely recommend Dr. Z and his team!"

- Trisha T. -

"Chelsea and Doctor Z were the greatest with our sweet German Shepherd puppy! That peanut butter board really does the trick with giving shots! Our Addie girl didn’t even know what hit her! Going to recommend this place to everyone I know. Also super affordable."

- Jena J. -

"I came to Pets R Family Animal Hospital for my dog Chiquita and Doctor Z was very kind, guiding me through the options to help her get better. They make their services very affordable too. My first choice vet, every time."

- Maurooo -

"Dr. Z. and the staff are so awesome. They are friendly, caring, and you can tell they enjoy what they do. I am so happy to have found them."

- Tara G. -

"My black Labrador Annabel's surgery was a success and she recovered nicely. Dr. Z and his staff followed up to check on Annabel, see if we had any questions. Thank you so much!"

- Kristen S. -

"The staff are very nice and friendly.You can tell they all really care about animals. They carefully explained what was going on with my cat and thanks to them he is all better. Definitely recommend!"

- Kayla W. -

"Thank you Doctor Zraibi (Dr. Z) and Chelsea for providing such loving, caring, professional care with Sam. At 125 pounds and somewhat advance age of 10 years (his bred tends to live to about 13 yrs), I appreciate the patience service and thorough explanation of the various tests, procedures, and results complete on Sam -- along with the tips on what to expect and what to be careful with as he becomes more geriatric. Highly recommend this clinic and veterinarian!"

- Barbara K. -

"This place is wonderful, loving, caring. The service they offered to my Husky was a great experience. I really recommend them for your pet service. I definitely will bring my dog again."

- Evelyn R. -

"Both our kittens had ear infections and had to get their ears cleaned out. They were caring and professional. Amazing experience. I would not go to another vet..."

- Meera K. -

"I had a great experience at this clinic—it was smooth, and the staff thoroughly explained the procedure for my cat. I dropped him off and was notified when to pick him up. My cat was left in great hands, and the staff was genuinely very caring!"

- Raneem K. -

"The staff was very professional and nice. I appreciate how they explained everything before the procedure was done. I felt my dog was in good hands."

- Danielle A. -

"The staff here are all very kind and caring. Definitely recommend bringing you pet here, you'll get amazing service!"

- Emily C. -

"I have been to numerous vet practices over the years but this practice is by FAR the BEST one I have been to. Dr. Z and his staff are nothing short of amazing. Dr. Z is so incredibly kind and knowledgeable. You can tell that he truly loves the animals he treats as much as he loves what he does. After meeting him, I felt as if I had known him for years. His staff is super friendly and accommodating. I strongly encourage you to to visit this practice at least once, after that you will be a forever client, you won’t want to go anywhere else!!!! I am so happy I found this place!!!"

- Beth A. -