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Easy Methods to Leash Train Your Dog

Our Animal Hospital in Woodbridge Shares Simple but Effective Methods to Leash Training

Leash training is a significant step for your furry friend, and it helps create trust between you and your dog. If done incorrectly, leash training could be dangerous and lead to harmful patterns for your dog. By taking the proper steps in your training, you and your dog will trust each other more and communicate better throughout the process.

The Leash

At the beginning of the training, your dog may be intimidated by the look and feel of the leash. To minimize this fear, start by gently introducing your dog to the leash; letting your dog see the leash and allowing him or her to wear it around the house is a great way to introduce this new tool.

To help your dog, incorporate treats while they are wearing the leash; this makes the process more fun for your pet and gives them an incentive to stay focused. Allow your dog to wear the collar/leash briefly during the day. Make it fun!

Time for a Cue

Once your puppy is used to wearing the collar/leash, try introducing a cue word with a treat. This cue word could be any word that helps your pup understand the connection between the word and getting a treat.

When you use this word with a treat, your dog will start to make the connection and look in your direction. Eventually, your pup will associate this connection (between the treat and the cue word) while wearing the collar/leash.

Following You

When your pup understands the cue/treat connection, make them come to you. This will train your dog to listen to your voice while wearing the collar/leash. Keep these exercises short so your pup doesn’t lose interest or become tired.

Start Indoors, then Outdoors

After your pup is comfortable, allow them to follow you indoors with the collar/leash. Be sure to keep distractions minimal and reward your dog with treats. They will understand the collar/leash/listening-to-owner process better.

Once this is practiced, consider going outdoors! Your pup may be intimidated outside with many new smells and sights. Always watch your pup; if they try to run after something (another animal, leaves, objects, etc.), use your cue sound. Your dog will remember this cue and will be reminded of your presence.

Take it Easy

Remember, this is a brand-new experience for your puppy, and it may take some time to adjust to it. It may take time for both of you to adapt to this new process and establish trust; don’t worry if it takes time!

Let your puppy know you are there for them, and they will be there for you in return. Take this time to grow with your puppy on this exciting journey!

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