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Don’t Fall Behind on Pet’s Safety

Our Woodbridge VA Vet Shares Helpful Tips to Protect Your Pet This Season

Fall is here, meaning cooler and more comfortable days spent outside. While nicer weather is much better for our furry friends, it can bring about some critical things to remember for their health and safety. Read more for fall pet safety tips from our Woodbridge VA vet!

Keep an Eye Out for Wildlife

Fall means many kinds of wildlife creatures, such as snakes that could be poisonous, are out and about. It’s important to know what types of snakes you may have in your backyard or surrounding areas and to be sure you’re aware of your pet’s whereabouts.

Steps to ensure this could include checking the grass or woods in your backyard or staying close to your pet while exploring nature. Other creatures can also pose a danger to your pet, so being aware of all the wildlife in your outdoor environment is crucial for your pet’s safety.

Changing Weather

Although temperatures may change slowly, pay attention to changing weather while outside with your pet. If the weather starts becoming cooler rapidly, consider bringing jackets or paw booties for your pet so they are comfortable on the go.

Also, ensure your pet is getting enough water; even though it may be cold, hydration is vital in maintaining proper health, inside and out.

Keeping the Holidays Happy

Once fall starts, the holidays quickly start approaching, which means many different foods, decorations, and people. Ensure any candy (especially Halloween candy) or extra sweet foods are kept away from your pet, and any wrappers are properly disposed of.

Also, be sure that any electrical cords, wires, or plastic decorative items are kept out of reach (they might think it’s something tasty!). Lastly, your pet might become anxious with more guests in the house; make sure you check in with your pet, take them for walks, and let them know you are there for them.

Everything Nice

Fall is a beautiful, cozy season as we reflect on the year, and everyone deserves to enjoy the sights, smells, and foods it offers. With everything changing during this season, it can be easy to forget how these changes may affect your pet.

Understanding your pets’ needs will allow them to enjoy the changing season and be happier; they will thank you!

Of course, don’t forget to bring them to their annual visits with our Woodbridge VA vet at Pets R Family Animal Hospital! Call our team at (571) 285-1855 to schedule their appointment today.

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