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3 Fun Tips to Play With Your Cat From Your Woodbridge, VA Animal Hospital

Cats need just as much play and exercise as dogs so that they’re healthy, happy, and stimulated! However, it can be hard to figure out how to play with your cat, especially if you grew up with dogs playing fetch or walking them around the neighborhood.

Keep reading to learn some fun ways to play with your cat and strengthen your bond, brought to you by your favorite Woodbridge, VA animal hospital!

Several Short Sessions

In the wild, cats hunt with quick bursts of activity before resting again to restore their energy. Do the same when you play with your cat–play with them for ten to fifteen minutes at a time two or three times a day. This is especially effective if you play with them and then feed them immediately after, mimicking a wild cat hunting, killing, and eating!

Try Out Different Toys

Is your cat uninterested in playing no matter what you do? First, make sure they don’t have any underlying health issues if this is strange behavior for them. Otherwise, try out different toys! Some cats are partial to crinkly toys they can kick, while others love chasing around a feather toy attached to a wand. Cats will get bored with toys over time regardless of whether it’s their favorite type or not, so remember to put new toys in the rotation to keep them interested.

Give Your Cat a Win

Lastly, your cat will get frustrated if you don’t give them a win at the end of their play session! Make sure you allow them to catch, bite, and tackle their prey so that they have a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. This is especially important if you’re using a laser toy to play with them; have the light hover over another of their favorite toys so that they can tackle something tangible!

Schedule an Appointment With Your Woodbridge, VA Animal Hospital

Playing with your cat for at least half an hour a day will keep them healthy and happy! You’ll also be rewarded with a greater bond with your cat.

Of course, it’s important that you see your vet at least once a year regardless of how healthy you believe your pets to be. Schedule an appointment with your favorite Woodbridge, VA animal hospital today!

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